Thread Safety

Up to and including version 0.6.1, the Timetable Generator API only supported use in a single-threaded context.

Starting from version 0.6.2, the Timetable Generator API can be built in single-threaded or multi-threaded mode. If building from source, see the README file for instructions for how to control the threading mode in which the library is built. If using the prebuilt binaries, note that they have been built in multi-threaded mode on Linux and single-threaded mode for Windows (because the implementation uses C++11 threads, which MinGW does not currently support. Once MinGW acquires C++11 threading support, the Windows binaries will be built in multi-threaded mode as well.)

When the API is built in multi-threaded mode:

The performance overhead of using the library in multi-threaded mode is negligible. Single-threaded mode exists mainly to support platforms that don't have support for C++11 threads (i.e. MinGW).